Alexandra Margetic is a Melbourne–based graphic designer.
IG: general_enquiry

Mass MeMO, 2021

MeMO Review publishes Melbourne’s only weekly art criticism. 

Identity and website design

Jordan Lacey, 2020

Jordan lacey is a researcher, musician and curator who specialises in soundscape design and the creation of public sound art installations.

Website design

Mass MeMO, 2020

MeMO Review publishes Melbourne’s only weekly art criticism. Mass MeMO presented ten reviews published on each Melbourne graduate exhibition as part of an emerging art critics mentorship program for art history and curating students.

Identity and website design

Blue Paintings, Luke Sands, 2020

A transcript based on a series of conversations between David Homewood and Luke Sands accompanying recent show at Guzzler.

Publication design

House Editions, 2020

House Editions is a ceramic design and production studio synthesising traditional and modern ceramic techniques.

Identity and website design

Website prototype (in progress).